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Intro and This Week's Wisdom #1

In my previous job running operations and maintenance for UFMS at HHS, one my contractors starting writing down things I'd said in meetings.  Not because he needed notes of what I was saying in context so much - but things he found amusing or useful or instructive or somehow worth being able to look back to. When I left that job, he made a PowerPoint of these for my going-away. A lot of people have enjoyed these and so I've decided to start posted some of these old ones he'd collected along with some new ones that I've said in more recent days. I probably can't name names, but I'll give a little context about each.  There's usually a point to them which is applicable in terms of IT Service Management and Operations.  Or life.  Or something. And now, this week's Ed-wisdom: "My friend, changing the oil will NOT fix your flat tire." The lesson to be learned - application of root cause analysis to understand what you're