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Quotable Quote #2 - On staying in your lane

"It's like watching five-year-olds playing soccer.  Everyone on the field in a big cloud of dust around the ball."

Teams don't win when everyone is trying to do the same job.   Imagine you've got a critical incident. Even if you don't have a well documented process (and why don't you, hmmm?) it's pretty clear certain things need to happen.  

If you're living the good life, you'll have someone coordinating the incident, the right subject matter experts analyzing and resolving, communications specialists informing the customers and stakeholders, and others as needed.

If you're dealing with a less mature team, you'll often find a chaotic scene.  Perhaps two people are checking out the same piece of equipment, three others are looking at the same log files, and meanwhile, nobody has bothered to notify anyone because they were all too busy trying to fix things.

Not only do you end up with the inevitable case of "too many chefs" but other critical functions aren't happening.  And hey - I understand that it's more fun to be debugging than crafting a notification.   And it may be fun to play ball-of-dust soccer, but teams that play ball-of-dust soccer lose.


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